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While the free subscription will give you nearly complete access to The Renegade Coder, there will always be articles that I’m not willing to give away for free. In many cases, these articles include sensitive or personal topics that wouldn’t be appropriate for the general public.

For instance, I’ve written a rather lengthy series bashing engineering as a career. Due to the nature of these articles, I’ve chosen to hide them behind a pay wall.

As an added bonus, I’ve kicked of a Subscriber Spotlight series where I recognize paid subscribers with an article all about them. If you’d like to be considered for the series, become a paid subscriber and fill out the Subscriber Spotlight survey.

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Group Milestones

As the number of Paid Subscribers grows, I’m looking to offer some rewards. If there is anything you’d like to see in this list, let me know by email at

(# of Paid Subscribers)
RewardDate Achieved
1Write a "Thank You" ArticleSeptember 3rd, 2018
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Rules and Regulations

First and foremost, all paid subscriptions are for personal use only. This is primarily for my own peace of mind as I am not required to charge sales tax in the state of Ohio as long as I restrict sales to personal use only. In other words, I will not sell subscriptions to businesses. Please refer to the email I received from the Ohio Department of Taxation for more information:

The service you are describing and want to provide to the public would be a taxable membership under Electornic Information Service (EIS) when it is sold to a business. The EIS is not taxable when sold to an individual for personal use. Please reference the Final Rule 5703-9-46 on Electronic Information Service.

Second, The Renegade Coder has a zero tolerance policy against harassment of any kind. Personally, I subscribe to the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct which specifies types of behavior that are unacceptable. While that document is intended for the open source community, I believe it has a lot to offer The Renegade Coder community.

As a result, if I find that an individual is violating that code of conduct, I reserve the right to terminate their membership privileges without a refund.

Finally, please refer to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy as needed.

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