The Affirmable Addendum Premium Featured Image

The Affirmable Addendum

After everything I’ve written, I figured I might as well share an addendum of all the material I read to get me through the past year and a half.

The Sedentary Situation Premium Featured Image

The Sedentary Situation

How bad is the corporate environment for your health? In this installment of A String of Unfavorable Roles, I tackle the sedentary situation in depth.

The Military Mentality Premium Featured Image

The Military Mentality

Ever been asked to finish work by some impossible deadline only to be forced to wait on everyone else? If so, welcome to the military mentality.

The Artificial Arrogance Premium Featured Image

The Artificial Arrogance

When engineering is all that is pushed in modern society, you can probably imagine why the field is full of arrogance. I’m here to tell you that engineering isn’t something to get too proud of.

The Everlasting Exertion Premium Featured Image

The Everlasting Exertion

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The Miserable Management Premium Featured Image

The Miserable Management

Since I’ve been an engineer, I’ve never once had a decent manager. This article is a tribute to each of them, and their miserable management.

11 Reasons Why I Quit My Engineering Career Featured Image

11 Reasons Why I Quit My Engineering Career

With the upcoming release of A String of Unfavorable Roles, I’ve decided to share a teaser. It’s titled 11 Reasons Why I Quit My Engineering Career which shares snippets of the upcoming series.

5 Downsides of Working Remote Featured Image

5 Downsides of Working Remote

For many, the dream is to work from home. What’s not to love? No annoying coworkers. No angry bosses. No commutes. Unfortunately, working remote is not all sunshine and rainbows.

Making a Deal Featured Image

Making a Deal

Welcome to the 40th issue of The Renegade Coder update! This week was a rather big one for me. If you read my New Year update, then you know I …