Grad School is Hard Featured Image

Grad School is Hard

As a smug young guy who just came out of industry, I never thought I’d say this, but grad school is hard.

First Week Reflection Featured Image

First Week Reflection

With a week of grad school classes in the books, it’s time to take a look at my first week reflection.

Journey to a PhD Feature Image

Journey to a PhD

As I embark on my journey to a PhD, I thought it might be nice to document the path. In this article, I share everything you might want to know about how I got into grad school.

A Quiet Week Featured Image

A Quiet Week

What do you do during a quiet week? For me, it’s a mix of Overwatch and writing.

Snap Back to Reality Featured Image

Snap Back to Reality

After some traveling, I’ve had to snap back to reality. This week I’m back at work until the end of March.

Grad School Visits Featured Image

Grad School Visits

Sorry for the short update this week. I’m traveling around on grad school visits. Stay tuned next week for a more complete update.