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How Griffith Became Grifski: A Name Change Story

In America, it’s common for a woman to take their husband’s last name after marriage. For me, that just felt wrong. Instead, I opted for a name change as well. In this article, I’ll why and how I made that decision.

The Grifski Wedding Featured Image

The Grifski Wedding

On March 18th, 2018, Morgan and I finally got married after 8 long years of growing up. In this article, I want to talk about what we chose to do for our nontraditional wedding and how you can do something similar.

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100 Days of Code

There’s not much to chat about today other than marriage and 100 days of code. I’m looking forward to the monthly newsletters – only 4 more to go!

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Snap Back to Reality

After some traveling, I’ve had to snap back to reality. This week I’m back at work until the end of March.

How I Popped the Question Featured Image

How I Popped the Question

For me, Black Friday 2017 wasn’t about scoring any deals. It was about making a lifetime commitment. This is the story of how I popped the question.