Apparently, Americans Are Idiots

Apparently, Americans Are Idiots

Naturally, let’s start by taking a peek at the transcript (or at least click the image above for more details):

P.S. What is wrong with your Americans? Don’t you care for the alphabet? What happened to ‘E’?

I had been programming for about 7 years when I first realized that `else if` in Java was actually two separate keywords and not some special keyword in addition to `if` and `else`. In a fit of excitement, I decided to document my findings, so others could be mindblown like me. In the process, I created an article which contained a code snippet for a simple grading function. In the US, we use an A, B, C, D, F grading system for whatever reason.

As you can see, someone felt it was necessary to write a giant reply where they completely missed the point of the article before insulting me for being American. To make matters worse, there were others in the comments who said things like “gave a heart just beacuse of P.S. :D”. At first it seemed like a funny jab, but then it turned kind of dark as I watched the likes climb on their comment.

If you came from the Wall of Shame, here are links to the previous and next comments. Also, here’s a link back to the Wall of Shame.


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