World Domination Checklist

Welcome to the World Domination Checklist. Here I chronicle all my goals on my way to total world domination. You gotta start somewhere!

  1. Launch the Renegade Coder website
  2. Create an introduction to Java series with quizzes and bonus material
  3. Start a course on data structures
  4. Start an intermediate Java course
  5. Become an Amazon Affiliate
  6. Create a Patreon account
  7. Open the Renegade Coder store
  8. Marry my high school sweetheart
  9. Pay off my student loans (~$40,000)
  10. Quit my desk job
  11. Earn a PhD in Computer Science
  12. Travel to all 50 states
  13. Travel to all 7 continents
  14. Attend BlizzCon
  15. Attend RTX
  16. Attend E3
  17. Go to a Penguins Stanley Cup Final game
  18. Get into Diamond on Overwatch
  19. Go to Warped Tour
  20. Solve a Rubik’s cube
  21. See a play on Broadway
  22. Create a source of passive income
  23. Create a family tree
  24. Discover my genetic makeup
  25. Start a Renegade Coder scholarship
  26. Have a child (or two)
  27. Learn another language
  28. See the Northern Lights
  29. Witness a Solar Eclipse
  30. Get a pet
  31. Learn a musical instrument
  32. Tutor my first student
  33. Earn a Black Belt
  34. Earn a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering
  35. Become licensed in Amateur Radio
  36. Start a Python Series
  37. Practice Spanish every day for 365 days
  38. Start a membership service
  39. Hit 50 stars on the Sample Programs repo
  40. Hit 100 Stars on the Sample Programs repo
  41. Publish 100 Sample Programs articles
  42. Add 250 code snippets to the Sample Programs repo
  43. Publish a paper in a research journal