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Welcome to the series page! Here, you’ll find a table of all the The Renegade Coder series. In each row, you’ll find a series with information like a description, a link to the archive, the number of posts, and the last time that series was active.

SeriesDescriptionArchive# of Posts
A String of Unfavorable Rolesa premium series about my struggles in my engineering careerArchive15
Behind the Scenesa premium series about how I built up The Renegade CoderArchive1
Coding Tangentsa series of articles on topics that came up during teachingArchive15
Down the Rabbit Holea series about topics that interest me outside of techArchive1
Data Structures in Javaa series about different data structures implemented in JavaArchive6
Happy Birthday to Mea series of list posts for my birthday each yearArchive5
How to Pythona collection of Python questions answered with multiple code solutionsArchive41
Image Titler Releasesa collection of release articles for the Image Titler toolArchive9
Jack of All Tradesa collection of articles about hobbies and their connection to codingArchive3
Java Basicsa series of articles on introductory Java topicsArchive10
Journey to a PhDa series about my struggles as I work toward a PhDArchive47
Learn Python by Building Discord Botsa series about learning Python through Discord botsArchive4
Python Errorsa collection of Python errorsArchive3
Recommended Readinga collection of articles I recommend readingArchive2
Renegade Travel Tipsa brief series on some of my travelsArchive4
Roll Your Own Pythona series on reverse engineering common Python functionsArchive3
Sample Programs in Every Languagea series which existed prior to the GitHub repository of the same nameArchive44
Sample Programs Repo Newsa meta series about the Sample Programs repositoryArchive12
Subscriber Spotlighta series of posts highlighting my subscribersArchive2
Teaching Computers to Open Jarsa series about breaking down a mundane taskArchive2
The Autodidact’s Guide to Pythona beginner series for people looking to teach themselves PythonArchive10
The Legacy Newslettera series of posts which archive the history of the siteArchive56
Year in Reviewa series of posts reflecting on each year of the siteArchive3

As always, I’m open to suggestions for future series!