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Welcome to the series page! Here, you’ll find a table of all the The Renegade Coder series. In each row, you’ll find a series with information like a description, a link to the archive, the number of posts, and the last time that series was active.

SeriesDescriptionArchive# of PostsLast Active
A String of Unfavorable Rolesa premium series about my struggles in my engineering careerArchive1507/06/2018
Behind the Scenesa premium series about how I built up The Renegade CoderArchive111/04/2019
Coding Tangentsa series of articles on topics that came up during teachingArchive1405/25/2020
Data Structures in Javaa series about different data structures implemented in JavaArchive608/04/2017
How to Pythona collection of Python questions answered with multiple code solutionsArchive3507/24/2020
Image Titler Releasesa collection of release articles for the Image Titler toolArchive907/03/2020
Java Basicsa series of articles on introductory Java topicsArchive1005/11/2017
Journey to a PhDa series about my struggles as I work toward a PhDArchive4607/13/2020
Python Errorsa collection of Python errorsArchive307/17/2020
Renegade Travel Tipsa brief series on some of my travelsArchive402/18/2019
Sample Programs in Every Languagea series which existed prior to the GitHub repository of the same nameArchive4411/01/2019
Subscriber Spotlighta series of posts highlighting my subscribersArchive210/18/2019
The Autodidact’s Guide to Pythona beginner series for people looking to teach themselves PythonArchive808/28/2020
The Legacy Newslettera series of posts which archive the history of the siteArchive5608/03/2018

As always, I’m open to suggestions for future series!