Threats Don't Retain Talent Featured Image

Threats Don’t Retain Talent

At 25, you’d think I’d find a place in the tech industry, but it seems the cultural issues run deep. When will we learn how to retain talent.

Managing People Is Hard Featured Image

Managing People Is Hard

When it comes to teaching, sometimes you’re stuck managing people as part of a team. Today, I’ll share some of my frustrations.

When Did I Become a Mentor Featured Image

When Did I Become a Mentor?

As I continue to look for support in grad school, I find myself falling into the mentor role for my students. When did this happen?

Say Hello to Anders Rydholm Featured Image

Say Hello to Anders Rydholm

One of my longtime supporters, Anders Rydholm, has finally joined the subscriber spotlight! Check out what they had to say about their coding journey.

AT&T Is a Disaster Featured Image

AT&T Is a Disaster

As if things couldn’t get worse, AT&T is continually screwing me. In this episode, AT&T decided not to even show up as scheduled.