The Looming Legacy Featured Image

The Looming Legacy

When you join an established engineering team, you’ll spend a large portion of your time maintaining legacy systems. Forget all the cool things you learned in school! It’s time to polish some rust.

How Griffith Became Grifski Featured Image

How Griffith Became Grifski: A Name Change Story

In America, it’s common for a woman to take their husband’s last name after marriage. For me, that just felt wrong. Instead, I opted for a name change as well. In this article, I’ll why and how I made that decision.

The Dire Discrimination Featured Image

The Dire Discrimination

Popular business literature often depicts ageism as something that only happens to people over 40. In my experience, no one is safe from age discrimination.

The Grifski Wedding Featured Image

The Grifski Wedding

On March 18th, 2018, Morgan and I finally got married after 8 long years of growing up. In this article, I want to talk about what we chose to do for our nontraditional wedding and how you can do something similar.

The Military Mentality Featured Image

The Military Mentality

Ever been handed work and asked to finish it by some impossible deadline only to be forced to wait on everyone else? If so, welcome to the military mentality.

The Irony in Coder Infallibility Featured Image

The Irony in Coder Infallibility

As I continue to struggle with coder elitism, I felt it was necessary to remind everyone that cooperation requires compassion. It’s time to ditch the irony of coder infallibility.

The Artificial Arrogance Featured Image

The Artificial Arrogance

When engineering is all that is pushed in modern society, you can probably imagine why the field is full of arrogance. I’m here to tell you that engineering isn’t something to get too proud of.

The Coolest Programming Language Features Featured Image

The Coolest Programming Language Features

As the collection of sample programs grow, I continue to discover interesting programming language features. In this article, I document some of the coolest programming language features I’ve come across.

The Everlasting Exertion Featured Image

The Everlasting Exertion

If you’ve had a chance to read the Military Mentality article, then you know I can’t stand the inefficiencies of project management. When I was an engineer, some days I’d …

The Miserable Management Featured Image

The Miserable Management

Since I’ve been an engineer, I’ve never once had a decent manager. This article is a tribute to each of them, and the incompetent management precedent in engineering.