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One thing I miss about my old website theme is that it showed article tags on every article. That way, users had a way to quickly find related content. Of course, I realize tags aren’t the greatest thing in the world, but I made sure to diligently categorize my articles. For example, all my premium content can be found under the premium tag. Feel free to explore the tags below.

Tag Cloud

If you’re interested at the various tags at a glance, here they are! The count next to each tag indicates the number of articles with that tag. Click the tag to see the archive. Otherwise, keep reading for a description of each tag.

Academia (72) Algorithms (24) Anime (13) Atlanta (15) Best Practices (8) Challenge (39) Columbus (8) Control Flow (11) Corporate America (23) Data Structures (61) Education (93) Engineering (36) Erie (13) Feedback (11) Field of Study (25) Functional Programming (13) General Electric (22) Guest (19) Hate (11) Hello World (56) Hockey (9) Hustle (76) Input/Output (8) Java (61) Language Features (28) Leadership (19) Life (53) List (15) Maintenance (39) Mathematics (22) Minimalism (23) Music (39) Object-Oriented Programming (12) Open Source Software (48) Operators (10) Performance (36) Premium (47) Programming Languages (94) Python (152) Rant (62) Reflection (56) Search Engine Optimization (14) Social Media (23) Software Development (111) Software Tools (25) Strings (26) Testing (42) The Ohio State University (67) Travel (22) Type Systems (7) Version Control (32) Video Games (17) Wellness (22) WordPress (25)

Tag Descriptions

At various points in the history of this site, I’ve tried to display descriptions for each of my tags. Unfortunately, as I’ve changed themes and whatnot, I’ve lost some of that data. As a result, this page will serve as an archive for every tag and description.

AcademiaAs someone who has transitioned from engineering to academia, I have a lot to say about my new home. Naturally, I created this tag to for articles that include grad school and academia related subjects.
AlgorithmsIn the world of computer science, algorithms are our bread and butter. In other words, they’re how we solve common problems, and it’s a good idea to study some of them. As a result, whenever I write about a popular algorithm, I’ll tag that article with “Algorithms”. Then, you can find all those articles here.
AnimeAs an avid anime fan, I had to include a tag for this. Naturally, any article with this tag will include something anime related. For instance, on my 24th birthday, I shared a few of my favorite anime characters (e.g. Ken Kaneki, Arima Kousei, and Okabe Rintarou). If you’re interested in that sort of thing, this tag is for you!
AtlantaFor about a year, I lived in Atlanta, Georgia, so it fits that I have a tag for articles about that experience. You’ll find anything related to Atlanta here.
ChallengeLooking for something to tease your brain? Look no further than this list of challenges. In each of the articles below, you’ll find some sort of challenge related to the content of the article. For instance, you might be asked to perform a deep clone of a nested list like in my article titled How to Clone a List in Python. Happy coding!
ColumbusSince summer 2018, Morgan and I have been living in Columbus, Ohio. Whenever I write about things happening in Columbus, I make sure to give it this tag.
Control FlowAre you familiar with if statements and loops? How about recursion? These are all forms of control flow, and articles with the “Control Flow” tag will feature explanations and examples of the topic.
Corporate AmericaFor a short time, I worked for a major corporate engineering firm. Naturally, I took some time to write (read: rant) about that experience.
Data StructuresIn Computer Science, a data structure is way to organize data. Example data structures include arrayslinked lists, and trees. As a result, any article tagged “Data Structures” will likely reference one or more data structure.
EducationAs I continue to explore my passion for teaching, I’ve begun documenting that process. As a result, articles tagged “Education” are likely to include content related to what I’ve learned as a teacher.
EngineeringEngineering is a discipline in which knowledge from science, math, and other fields are applied to create technology. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great relationship with engineering—or at least how it’s represented in the industry. As a result, articles with the engineering tag are likely rants. Proceed with caution.
ErieErie, Pennsylvania is the small city I grew up near, so naturally there are a handful of posts about it. For instance, I’ve written a bit about working there as well as traveling traveling there. If you’re ever interested in visiting, I can probably tell you where to go.

At any rate, I don’t have a lot of interest in going back to Erie, so many of my pieces may come off as rants. Whatever, it happens.
FeedbackIn this context, feedback refers to any sort of request for support of criticism. For example, most articles with this tag refer to requests for reviews of content. However, I also use this tag on content that references feedback like evaluations and surveys.
Field of StudyIn software engineering, a field of study is a specific area of software engineering like graphics or distributed systems. Naturally, these domains can be broken down into subdomains. For example, graphics is made up of game design, animation, and data visualization. However, for the sake of simplicity, all domains can be found under a single tag.
Functional ProgrammingFunctional Programming, or FP, is a programming paradigm where there is no concept of state or mutable data. Instead, programs are executed through a chain of functions. Naturally, articles tagged with “Functional Programming” cover topics related to FP like Lisp, Scheme, and Haskell.
General ElectricGE, or General Electric, is a major international engineering and manufacturing company. As far as I know, they’ve covered just about every major industry you can including transportation, aviation, lighting, healthcare, oil and gas, power, appliances, and finance. Naturally, this company earned a tag on the site because I worked there for a couple years—for better or worse.
GuestAs much as I’d love to say that I’ve written every article on this site myself, the reality is that I’ve had some help over the years. To aid in promoting those individuals, I decided to put together a tag for guest posts. Now, any article tagged “Guest” is a good indicator that the article wasn’t written by me. Instead, it was written by one of the many guest authors who offered to share the content with my audience.

If you’d like to be a guest author, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m always open to sharing your work under your conditions.
HateAt this point in my life, I’ve realized that you can’t get away from trolls, racists, and bigots. As a result, I’ve found myself ranting about them from time to time. Once I built up enough articles, I decided to create a tag just for them. Say hello to the “Hate” tag!
Hello WorldHello World is a common program used to introduce language syntax. Naturally, the goal of the program is to print the “Hello, World!” string to the user. Articles with this tag demonstrate just that.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, check out one of these articles:

Hello World in Every Language
Hello World in Python
Hello World in Java

If you just want to see some sample Hello World code, I have an entire GitHub repositoryOpens in a new tab. dedicated to that sort of thing.
HockeyBy far, my favorite sport is hockey. As a result, I can’t help but write about it from time to time. If you’re wondering, I’m a Pittsburgh Penguins fan. Naturally, you can learn more by checking out any of the articles below.
HustleWhile I was consolidating tags, I realized that I needed a tag which could encapsulate my work ethic and results. Instead of tracking things like money, success, and growth, I decided to tag them all as “Hustle”.
Input/OutputIO, or Input/Output, refers to a program segment which interacts with the system environment. For example, if a program were to get input from a user or print output to the user, that would be IO. Other examples of IO include reading and writing to files, network ports, and peripherals like printers and keyboards. Naturally, articles with this tag have something to do with IO.
JavaJava is a popular programming language currently maintained by Oracle. Personally, it was my first programming language, so I’ve grown fond of it. In fact, I’ve written quite a bit about Java—from basics to data structures. Don’t expect me to stop any time soon!
Language FeaturesAs someone who loves programming languages, I occasionally get excited about different language features. As a result, I needed a place to share my interests with the world. Say hello to the “Language Features” tag, the home of syntactic sugar, convenience, elegance, and power.
LeadershipWhen people hear the term leadership, they tend to imagine different things. Some might imagine a boss while others might imagine a president or prime minister. In reality, leadership is any time someone takes responsibility over the lives of others. In my case, leadership manifests itself in teaching, mentoring, and tutoring. That said, leadership is something that affects us everyday, so you can expect me to write about it often.
LifeWhile The Renegade Coder is predominantly a place for me to share my coding experience, it sometimes serves as a place where I can share my whole self. As a result, articles tagged “Life” will share a little bit about what’s going on outside of work. Think weddings and proposals—not Python and Hello World.
ListOne thing I hate about bloggers more than anything is their tendency to write clickbait headlines like “11 Foolproof Ways to Strip Your Shower of that Pesky Grime” or “37 Tips to Better Prepare for Your Kindergarten Entrance Exams.” Unfortunately, these list-style articles are great at getting traffic to your blog, so I’ve sort of fallen into the trap. As a result, I’ve shamelessly dedicated an entire tag on my website to this horrible blogging practice. Here, you’ll find lists of all kinds.
MaintenanceFrom time to time, this website needs to be maintained. For instance, when this tag came about, I was in the process of consolidating more than 200 tags. In other words, this tag is a direct result of some website maintenance. Naturally, articles tagged “Maintenance” are typically about updates, upgrades, and changes to all things The Renegade Coder. Hopefully, you learn something as well!
MathematicsAs someone who doesn’t really care for math, I collect anything math-related here. Typically, when I refer to math, I’m actually talking about arithmetic. However, I occasionally dabble in algorithms and Big O notation, so you might see some big kid math in the articles below.
MinimalismMinimalism is about living a life of meaning. In other words, minimalists are intentional in their decision making. For me, that means making decisions that closely align with my values. Sometimes I like to write about those decisions, and you’ll find those articles here.
MusicWhile this is predominantly a software website, I have passions beyond that. For instance, I’m huge fan of music. Specifically, I play the trombone, and I even started a website for the hobbyOpens in a new tab.. That said, I listen to all sorts of music, so it’s no surprise that a lot of articles carry the tag.
Object-Oriented ProgrammingWhile consolidating tags, I realized that I had a lot of different Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) related topics floating around. For instance, I had tags for constructors, encapsulation, and abstraction. Instead of maintaining all three of them, I decided to concentrate the general idea of OOP here.
Open Source SoftwareIn the software world, code that’s open to the public is known as open source software. In other words, anyone can access that code and potentially use it—barring licensing issues. Naturally, I publish quite a bit of open source code, so I’ve dedicate a section of the site to it with this tag.
OperatorsIn programming, an operator is any symbol which performs an action. For example, the addition operator (i.e. +) can be used to combine two numbers. Rather than creating a tag for every type of operator, I’ve decided create this space for any and all operators—unary, binary, or otherwise.
PerformanceIn Computer Science, performance can mean a lot of different things. In general, however, we use performance to determine how well a program executes in terms of memory usage, speed, and load. Naturally, articles which cover performance aspects of a program will get this tag.
PremiumIf you purchased a membership through PatreonOpens in a new tab., you can find all the premium content here. In general, the premium content is reserved for folks who don’t mind a rant every now and then. Lately, I’ve been writing a lot about issues I have with tech and academia. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, become a member!
Programming LanguagesAs someone slightly obsessed with programming languages, I’ve decided to create a tag to catch all the languages that might not get more than one article. For instance, I have articles on languages as obscure as GobyHack, and Wren. At the moment, I have no plans of writing about them any further, so this tag will serve as their home for the time being.
PythonPython is a popular scripting language first released in 1991. However, I didn’t discover the language until I was on the job in 2017. Since then, it’s become my favorite programming language, and I’ve written quite a bit about it. If you like my Python content, let me know!
RantApparently, one of my fastest growing tags on this site is the “rant” tag. Either my life really isn’t that great, or I just love to vent on this site. Regardless, you’re in for a treat with these articles.

Obviously, I don’t like to rant publicly, so a lot of these articles are only available with membership. That said, don’t let that discourage you from checking out my free posts.
ReflectionAs someone with a bad memory, I like to periodically reflect on my life to avoid any sort of nasty nostalgia bias in the future. In other words, I like to write articles that are fairly candid in my assessment of what I’ve experienced. That way, I can look back on those articles as a part of my growth.

Articles with the “reflection” tag are about my thoughts on my life experiences—not about how light interacts with surfaces. If you’re looking for physics oriented articles, you’ve come to the wrong place!
Search Engine OptimizationSEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of tailoring website content to succeed organically. In other words, making articles attractive to search engines like Google and therefore to the people who use those search engines. Naturally, any article tagged SEO covers some SEO related topic.
Social MediaToday, it’s impossible to get away from social media no matter how hard I try. With this tag, you can find articles where I vent my frustrations with social media tools like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
Software DevelopmentWhen it comes to software development, there’s a lot that’s involved. For instance, developers need to understand how to design and implement software. In addition, they need to understand the software development life cycle (e.g. refactoring, testing, deployment, continuous integration, documentation, readability, etc.). Naturally, this tag serves as a catchall for good software development principles.
Software ToolsWith the evergrowing collection of software tools out there, I decided not to create a tag for each of them. Instead, anything tool related is filed under “Software Tools”. That includes IDEs like Eclipse and VS Code, WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and TablePress, communication tools like Slack and Mailchimp, and personal finance tools like Acorns and Fundrise.
StringsStrings are collections of characters which we use to represent text in programming languages. Naturally, it fits that I have a tag for posts that cover string applications. For instance, I’ve written about sorting arrays of strings and reversing strings.
TestingIn software development, testing is the process of exposing bugs—not proving correctness. After all, no amount of testing will be able to prove a program does what you expect it to. Instead, we use testing to find bugs, so we can fix them. Of course, there are several forms of testing (e.g. unit, integration, performance, etc.), but this tag doesn’t play favorites. In other words, any article carrying the “Testing” tag may contain some form of testing.
The Ohio State UniversityCurrently, on my journey to a PhD, I am attending The Ohio State University. Naturally, I’ve written quite a bit about that experience, so I figured a tag could be beneficial. As a teaser, there’s a lot you can learn about my experience including what it’s like to be an instructor and how it feels to have a bad mentor. If you’re into that sort of thing, then you’ve come to the right place.
TravelAs someone bit by the travel bug when I first went abroad in 2014, I sometimes enjoy writing about it. Naturally, I made a tag to mark all my travel articles.
Type SystemsIn the world of software development, type systems refer to the different ways data types can be expressed. For example, some programming languages require users to explicitly type their variables, so the compiler can determine the type of a variable statically (aka static typing). Other type systems include dynamic, duck, and gradual—among others. Articles with this tag typically call out a language’s type system explicitly.
Version ControlWhen it comes to software development, few things are more important than version control. If I ever show up to a team without it, it’s the first thing I teach. As a result, there’s no surprise that I write about it a lot on my website. If you’re curious to know what version control software I use, it’s usually Git with GitHub. That said, I’ve used Perforce and other version control tools.
Video GamesLike with many non-tech tags on this site, the “Video Games” tag is just a reflection of my passions outside of work. In other words, I love to game. After all, I’ve been doing it forever—probably since the Nintendo 64. Now, I’m mostly a PC gamer, but I used to be a big Xbox gamer. If you’re interested in learning about my gaming interests, check out this tag.
WellnessAs I grow older, I’m learning that mental health and wellness is critically important. That’s why I’ve slowly been adopting important habits like exercising and attending therapy. If you’re interested in hearing more about my struggle with wellness, check out this tag.
WordPressAs a blogger, I’ve become quite comfortable with blogging software like WordPress. In fact, The Renegade Coder is a WordPress site. As a result, I’ve written a few articles about my WordPress experience. Naturally, you can find all of those articles here.