I Don’t Care About This

I Don't Care About This

Once again, here’s the transcript (and a link to the original image above):

My first reaction: of course it doesn’t exist there’s a space between else and if. But then again second reaction was but hey Ruby does have elsif and what’s the actual reason for it. Anyway not impressed by else if part that much (i didn’t actually care about those) but something similar in C# I was disappointed is switch case which works a bit different than in Java because I used to propagate steps but it’s kind of bad practice so… I’m not sure about what gets me happy or mindblown except for null handling operators like elvis ?: or null coalescing ?? or conditional member acces ?. It’s good to have posts like these just to make you think about stuff you done care/notice otherwise. Thanks

Every once in awhile, I’ll get a comment that’s so off-the-wall, I don’t really know how to handle it. For instance, this guy felt it was necessary to respond with pure stream of consciousness. There’s literally no continuity from one thought to the next. Ultimately, they manage to find a way to squeak in a backhanded compliment at the end: “oh, it sure is nice having material to read that I don’t care about.”

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