Including LOLCODE

Including LOLCODE

Once again, here’s the transcript (and a screenshot above):

Rather than post my own, I’m just going to link you to the fizzbuzz tag on Code Review. I swear I’ve reviewed this one in every language, and that includes LOLCODE.

To aid in the growth of the Sample Programs repo, I thought it would be fun to launch a few challenges on One time, I asked everyone to share an implementation of Fizz Buzz, and I got a handful of comments like this. They sort of read like “yeah, sure. I guess I could share an implementation, but like this is a waste of time for everyone. Just go to this random link instead.” It probably comes as no surprise that this comment came from a guy with an inanimate object as a profile picture. Heaven forbid he have any sort of accountability.

If you came from the Wall of Shame, here are links to the previous and next comments. Also, here’s a link back to the Wall of Shame.

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