The Affirmable Addendum

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While I was working on this series, I performed a substantial amount of research. In fact, the research probably achieved unhealthy levels as I tried to seek some form of affirmation in quitting my job. Instead of letting all that research go to waste, I felt the need to share it all. In fact, I created this entire addendum for all of my sources throughout this series.

To make this article easier to digest, I’ve decided to segment the links by topic. That way, the links are at least grouped somewhat logically. In addition, I’ve put a bit of a table of contents below for a quick overview.

As a bit of a disclaimer, I can’t promise that these links are valid. Feel free to let me know at any time in the comments if some of the links are dead. I’ll try to support this list the best I can. Also, be aware that I don’t necessarily agree with everything I’ve linked. In most cases, I’ve simply included them because at some point they helped me get through a tough time.

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General Electric

The End to an Era

Once again, thanks for staying along for the ride. I appreciate everyone who has read through this series as well as shared their experiences and kind words throughout. If anything, I hope this series builds up a great community of people who want to improve their lives.

If you’re struggling in you career, please reach out. The articles are nice for moral support, but they’ll never help you got out of your current situation. I’m happy to give the support you need. 🙂

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