2 thoughts on “The Nightmare Before Grad School Application Deadlines

  1. jobix Reply

    The requirement for recommendation letters is one of the reasons why very few PhD holders have come up with anything new. People who actually have the brains and original ideas can not submit their applications because they can’t get referees!!!!…pathetic system…

    • Jeremy Grifski Post authorReply

      Yeah, the grad school application system is tough. To me, the problem with the recommendation letter requirement is the lack of professors who have spare time. I contacted many of my professors as early as July, and they still struggled to get their letters in on time. Of course, I can’t imagine that admissions committees enjoy reading through all those letters either.

      Unfortunately, most of the advice people give regarding references is out of reach for the average applicant. For instance, one of my professors told me it may be a good idea to delay my PhD and instead go for a Masters. I suppose the logic is to focus on research and work with faculty to get references. For me, that just didn’t make sense.

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