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These past six weeks have flown by, and I’m starting to get in a groove. I’m able to churn out something like 3000 words every three days or so. That said, of course I’ll be paying close attention to my own mental health. I don’t want to burn out on a project that I’ve been so excited about. That’s why I’ve started exercising again with Zumba and practicing Español. It’s been good fun!

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Tackling Poor Health with Zumba

I’ve been pretty negligent of my health lately. To be totally honest, I’ve gained nearly 20 pounds since I graduated college. Obviously a mix of factors have gone into my poor health. I work 40+ hours a week in a chair. I come home and play video games, write for my site, and sleep. Not to mention that it’s hard to keep up with healthy eating.

It definitely doesn’t help that everyone seems to think alcohol is an acceptable gift once you’re of age. Is life really that rough that everyone wants to drown their sorrows in booze? I still have two cases in my fridge from Christmas. Anyone want to polish it off for me?

All of that ends now! Morgan has gotten me into Zumba, and now I’m pressuring her to workout with me every couple of days. It’s great stress relief, and I know how much stress can impact health. I’m a pretty skinny kid normally, but stress brings out my inner Shrek (I stress eat – It’s bad). I’m hoping the summer heat helps me get back into shape a bit before our move in July. From there, we’ll just have to see where life takes us. Hopefully, I can take control of my health by then.

Shop News

Alright, so I know I said earlier in the week that the shop was going to go on the back burner due to the work load caused by the data structures series. The problem is I’ve changed my mind. I was listening to my favorite podcast, Side Hustle SchoolOpens in a new tab., and I realized I absolutely have to get something in the store. It doesn’t need to be perfect. I just want to be able to trial run some of my ideas, so I can polish them up as I move forward.

As a result, you’ve probably already seen that I’ve opened up the store. There’s currently no products in it, but I did want to get the store itself up and running first. The plan for the next week is to draft up a problem statement and figure out how to host it as a product. That way I’ll be one step closer to gaining some financial freedom. Of course, that money is also a huge motivator to continue helping out each of you! 🙂

Song of the Week

I want to kick off a little weekly fun since I’m usually listening to music when I’m writing these updates anyway. Each week I’ll feature some music I’ve been listening to, and I’ll share a little tidbit about where it fits into my life. First up, Hikaru Nara from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso by ilonqueen.

This video features a cover of a song from one of my favorite anime: Your Lie in April. The catch is that the lyrics have been rewritten in Spanish. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been practicing Español on and off for quite some time. I think I started studying in high school then I picked it back up while I was abroad in college. Now I’m trying to brush up again before my trip to Mexico at the end of the month. The trouble is I don’t really have any way to apply it in my everyday life, so I have to find unorthodox ways to practice.

Fortunately, I watch quite a bit of anime. At first glance, that doesn’t seem all that helpful to my Spanish quest as anime is typically Japanese. However, it seems Ilonka and her YouTube channel have something to say about that. I must’ve stumbled upon her content over a year ago now, and it’s been incredibly helpful for practicing my Spanish. It’s safe to say you’ll hear me singing ‘¿como funciona todo esto?’ at some point. It’s just so applicable to every situation, and it’s especially relevant when writing software…

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Meh, you know it all already. Let’s get to work!

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