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If you’ve supported the Sample Programs series recently, then you probably noticed that the URL for that project has changed. As it turns out, I decided to hand the reigns over to The Renegade Coder GitHub OrganizationOpens in a new tab..

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What is a GitHub Organization?

From my understanding, GitHub has support for organizations which allow projects to be owned by groups of people rather than individuals. What makes organizations so attractive is the host of additional features that don’t exist for individual accounts such as:

  • Members
  • Teams
  • Projects
  • Chats

With these features, owners have much more control of contributors and their interactions. For instance, teams can be used to assign read/write access to a subset of the members. Likewise, members can all be given base read/write permissions.

Why Migrate to a GitHub Organization?

Personally, I decided to migrate Sample Programs and a few other projects to The Renegade Coder organization because the Sample Programs project is growing rapidly.

Initially, I was just looking to collect scripts. Over time, however, contributors all brought amazing ideas that resulted in the bloating of the repository. In order to slim things down, I decided to break out some of the side projects into individual repositories.

At that point, I realized we needed an organization to group these projects, so I created The Renegade Coder GitHub Organization. Now, anytime someone has a great idea—such as creating an app for the Sample Programs collectionOpens in a new tab.—we can create a fresh repository for it.

Additional Changes

Since launching The Renegade Coder GitHub Organization, I’ve created a CoreOpens in a new tab. team which I use to give write permissions to a select group of members. These members can then assist in merging pull requests and maintaining documentation.

On top of that, I’ve decided to start using the Projects tab—at least for Sample Programs. Now, all the work is broken down into four categories:

Feel free to browse these projects to get a better idea of the workflow for the repo.

Finally, I started playing around with Sample Programs milestones. In particular, I’ve set two for the rest of the year:

At this point, we have 43 articles and just over 100 code snippets with just four months left in the year. Naturally, both goals are pretty lofty, but I’m excited to see what we can do!

Moving Forward

So far, I’m very happy with The Renegade Coder GitHub Organization. In fact, I’ve already spun up six projects in it:

In addition, we picked up a Gitter though I’m not so sure it’s useful yet. Perhaps you can joinOpens in a new tab. and find a use for it.

At any rate, I hope this update was useful. If not, at least I have these changes documented. As usual, thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to share the news!

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