Java Basics Series Review

Java Basics Series Review

Looks like we’re ready to wrap up our Java Basics series with a review. In this final lesson, we’ll take what we’ve learned to create a program which grades tests.

Loop Syntax and Design

Loop Syntax and Design in Java

Sometimes you want a chunk of code to be run more than once. Rather than copying and pasting it a set number of times, why not dump it into a loop? In this tutorial, we cover Java looping mechanisms.

JUnit Testing

JUnit Testing in Java

Errors in code are inevitable. The challenge as a developer is to make sure bugs don’t make their way into production code. Fortunately, JUnit testing can be used to minimize the risk of bugs.

Class Structure Introduction

Class Structure Introduction in Java

This tutorial focuses on overall class structure using the classic “Hello World” example. The topics covered include the main method as well as compilation and execution.

Method Creation and Usage

Method Creation and Usage in Java

This tutorial introduces two basic method types: static and instance. The main focus is to learn the basics of method calls before we dive into classes.

Primitive Types and Variables in Java Featured Image

Primitive Types and Variables in Java

Let’s kick off our Java basics journey by getting comfortable with the Java primitive types. In this lesson, we’ll cover the various primitive types and their role in arithmetic and variable declarations.

Introduction to Coding in Java

Introduction to Coding in Java

In this lesson, we’ll get introduction to coding in Java through basic computer science concepts like logic gates, binary, and arithmetic.