The Home of Hate Premium Featured Image

The Home of Hate

Awhile back, I wrote about an American using the first amendment in the home of hate. Since then, I’ve moved it into it’s own article.

21st Century Skepticism Premium Featured Image

21st Century Skepticism

Normally, skepticism is important to survival. However, 21st century skepticism is driving us toward utter lunacy.

The Dire Discrimination Premium Featured Image

The Dire Discrimination

Popular business literature often depicts ageism as something that only happens to people over 40. In my experience, no one is safe from age discrimination.

The Irony in Coder Infallibility Premium Featured Image

The Irony in Coder Infallibility

As I continue to struggle with coder elitism, I felt it was necessary to remind everyone that cooperation requires compassion. It’s time to ditch the irony of coder infallibility.

The Artificial Arrogance Premium Featured Image

The Artificial Arrogance

When engineering is all that is pushed in modern society, you can probably imagine why the field is full of arrogance. I’m here to tell you that engineering isn’t something to get too proud of.

Steps to Minimalism Featured Image

Steps Toward Minimalism

Welcome to the 41st consecutive week of updates by yours truly. This week, I want to talk minimalism. After all, I’ve been removing a lot of physical things from my …

The Social Media Cleanse Featured Image

The Social Media Cleanse

Taking the week off from social media to mourn the loss of Erie’s dignity—you know, the usual. Can the last one out please turn off the lights?