Hello World in Every Language Critic

Hello World in Every Language Critic

First, here’s a transcript of the comment (feel free to click above to see the comment in context):

Not even a start on “every language”. COBOL (it’s very much not dead – even today, 90% of all VISA credit card transactions hit at least some COBOL along the way)?

APL? RPG II? RPG III? FORTRAN? Jovial? Ada? Anything LISP based? Algol descendants? Pascal? Assembly coding for all the architectures out there (I only admit to having made money at IBM S/360 S/370, DEC PDP-11, DEC-20, and Intel 386 assembler)

Here’s an incomplete list of languages for you:

en.wikipedia.org – List of programming languages – Wikipedia

Good luck.

Awhile back, I used to occasionally push some of my articles out to Google+. While the platform brought me a lot of traffic, I always got these sort of nasty comments. I got this comment in particular after I released an article called “Hello World in Every Language.” At the time, there were maybe 12 languages in the list, but the goal was to expand the collection. Apparently, this guy wasn’t too happy with what he found when he opened the article. Clickbait or not, I think he overreacted a bit.

If you got here from the Wall of Shame, here’s a link to the next comment! Also, here’s a link back to the Wall of Shame.

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