Why Not JShell?

Why Not JShell?

To be honest, I hesitated to put this one in the list because it’s so innocent, but I really hate these kind of comments.

For context, I had written an article about why I usually tell students to use DrJava over a typical IDE like Eclipse. After laying out my point, someone had the audacity to pull the child-like argument “BUT WHY?” To make matters worse, they tried to belittle me by using the word “simply” as if I were stupid.

When I ultimately got defensive, they decided to tell me how they really felt (i.e. lack of autocomplete sucks, students could learn more, etc.). Then, they asked an “innocuous” question which I can only assume was their sad attempt at a “gotcha.” Obviously, they could have Googled exactly which versions of Java are supported by DrJava—which I assume they did.

When I ultimately responded, they didn’t even acknowledge anything I said. In other words, they were just another troll that wanted to see me get all flustered.


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