Can I Just Rant for a Minute?

Can I Just Rant for a Minute? Featured Image

Now, I know that this is supposed to be a regular weekly update, but I’m frustrated. PhD application season has been an incredible waste of time, effort, and money, so I want to rant for a minute.

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A Brief Rant

I recently posted a rather large rant here, but I’ve decide to move that content to its own post. I’ll be releasing that post Friday as a bit of a spooky tribute to Friday the 13th. Be sure to check it out! It’s titled The Nightmare Before Grad School Application Deadlines.

Tutoring Now Available

Of course, this is supposed to be my weekly update, so I guess I’ll let you know what else is happening. If you haven’t heard, I started tutoring! I recommend checking out my post on tutoring, so you can get an idea of what is being offered.

In general, I am offering three email tutoring plans which come with different levels of perks. Tell you friends and let them know it’s pretty low commitment. Subscriptions run at about $10 a month, but you’ll pay for the whole period of time up front. Then you can use it as much or as little as you want.

Near-Death Experience

To continue with my trend of bad luck (or potentially good luck depending on how you look at it), Morgan and I almost got seriously injured yesterday. Here’s the post I made about it on Facebook. Check it out.

Song of the Week

This week I’m kicking back again to the new Burst & Decay record by The Wonder Years. I’m obsessed, and it’s helping me cope with all these frustrations lately. Take a listen.

Coming Soon to The Renegade Coder!

Nothing much. Like I said last week, I have a lot of articles in the queue, but I’m spacing them out. Other than that, I’m focused on building up my tutoring services. Help me out by sharing it with a friend!

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