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As someone who is just a few weeks away from kicking off their PhD program, I’m looking for ways to keep the site running while I’m inevitably busy to the point of insanity. That’s where you come in! If you’d like to write for The Renegade Coder, keep reading.

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As a fair warning, I am only accepting articles for the Sample Programs in Every Language collection. As a result, this article should not be your primary reference for writing for this site. I do not intend to keep this article updated with the latest information. Instead, you should refer to the contributing documentOpens in a new tab. on the Sample Programs repository.

Should the community outgrow the Sample Programs project, I’ll rewrite this article accordingly and use it as the single point of reference for writing for this site. Until then, please refer to the contributing document.

Community Submissions

Since launching the Sample Programs in Every Language collection, I’ve been fortunate to have people offer to write articles for me. After the first community edition of Hello World in Every Language, I felt like things were going to take off.

Of course, things don’t always turn out as planned, but I’ve been more than pleased with the turnout since then. Just take a look at some of the community submissions:

I have to thank each of them for their support, and I hope they continue to contribute to the community. Their work helps people explore new programming languages every day.

Come Write for The Renegade Coder

So, what do you say? Would you like to be a part of this growing community? I’m not sure what else to offer but writing space, mentorship (if needed), friendship, and collaborator status on the Sample Programs repositoryOpens in a new tab..

As stated already, I am only accepting article submissions for the Sample Programs in Every Language collection. However, I’m willing to hear anyone out who is interested in writing for the site. If that’s you, feel free to reach out at

If you’re interested in contributing to the site, comment below or reach out to the email address above. You will need to provide me with an email address, and I’ll get you account on the site.

Submission Guidelines

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk logistics.


For the purposes of the Sample Programs in Every Language Collection, I really only have some general guidelines:

  1. Stick to the style of related articles
    1. Use similar headings & titles
    2. Include a table of contents
  2. Notify me via GitHub issue when it’s ready

Don’t worry too much about the editing interface. If you have trouble finding anything, let me know. As an alternative, you can always use markdown. Be aware that I may convert the markdown for consistency before publishing.

As for the featured image, I will add that myself, but I’ll usually ask for your input. If you want to get ahead of the game, find an image on PixabayOpens in a new tab.. I’ll then add the red titling to the image before scheduling the article for publishing.


Do not forget to update your profile before submission. Your profile shows up at the bottom of your articles, so it’s nice to have some links and a description about yourself.

Also, make sure you have a profile picture. You may have noticed that other authors have a sort of generic GitHub-like avatar. That’s because they never setup their profile picture. To do so, you’ll want to create a GravatarOpens in a new tab. for your The Renegade Coder email. That should be enough to setup your profile picture.


Currently, my publishing schedule is Monday and Friday at 10AM. However, I will make exceptions for authors as I like to get their content out ASAP.

Typically, I offer the nearest open Monday or Friday to authors with the addition of Wednesdays. So if an author is writing during a slow month, they might get their article out the next available Wednesday. Otherwise, I’ll slot them in as soon as I can. If that means opening up an extra publishing day, I’ll do it.

In other words, if you ever see an article posted on a day other than Monday and Friday, you can assume it was contributed by the community.

Thanks for Your Support

As always, thank you for your support. If you’re reading this article and you’re not interested in writing, don’t be afraid to pass this article to someone you know who might like to do some writing. I can always use the help. Just take a look at the list of issues on the Sample Programs repositoryOpens in a new tab..

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