The Georgia Move: Vibing During the Final Days in PA

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Welcome back to another update. The site has been alive and well for 11 weeks now which works out because it’s the 11th! Also, it looks like the big Georgia move is this week. As a result, I’ve been pretty busy, so there hasn’t been a whole lot happening on the site. However, I have been trying to get the data structures lessons out the door. This week I put together the Queues lesson. By the time this update goes out, I should have the Trees lesson up as well. After all, I have to teach it tomorrow!

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Loading for the Georgia Move

Morgan and I are moving Thursday, so most of our time has been dedicated to packing and preparing for the move. I’ve mainly been working on getting utilities setup at the new place while Morgan has done the bulk of our packing. We’re in pretty good shape regardless. We’ve been downsizing for a few months now, so we shouldn’t have to move too many things. I’m a minimalist after all! I prefer travel over hoarding “things.”

I’ve also been spending a lot of time getting Morgan to be financially independent from her family. She’s now on my phone plan, AAA, and Netflix. That’s millennial independence for ya!

I’m not getting a ton of support from work, so this move has been kind of tough. I’m not even really sure what kind of situation I’ll be in 6 months from now. The uncertainty is really starting to take a toll on my mental health, but I’m staying positive through it! 🙂

Addressing SEO Issues

I feel like I have to at least mention the little bit of work that has gone into SEO lately. I’ve been paying close attention to image names and URLs, so you might see some broken images on the site. That’s all in an effort to clean up file names like legos-12347013124 and URLs like /stacks-4343hrf274/. That’s all in the interest of making the site cleaner for you and more attractive to organic traffic.

Song of the Week

If you know me, then you know I love live music especially at festivals like Warped. I have a long list of bands that I love to see live, but I can only share one this week. That’s The Wonder Years. They’re probably my favorite band of all time, so I hope you’ll take a listen.

This song comes off my favorite record by The Wonder Years called The Greatest Generation.

General Site Updates

Just the same old updates!

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Coming Soon to The Renegade Coder

Circumstances in my life have caused me to want to push more towards financial independence. As a result of that, I’m looking to dive deeper into the store soon. Of course, I’m juggling a ton of other things in my life at the moment, but nothing is more important to me than financial freedom at this point.

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