Georgia, Patreon, and Bumper Stickers

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Today is my one year anniversary with GE Transportation as a part of the Edison Engineering Development Program, so that’s pretty cool. I’m halfway through the Edison struggle! Now I get to take on my second year from Georgia. I look forward to chatting about my second anniversary with y’all next year.

This past week has been very eventful as has been this whole summer so far, so I apologize if I’m a bit wordy. I haven’t really had a chance to even catch my breath.

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Georgia On My Mind

Part one of the move was a success. Morgan and I managed to get just about everything we own down to Atlanta in a 10″ U-Haul. Of course, that wasn’t without a hitch. Disregarding the fact that we literally towed Morgan’s car, it took us two days to make what should have been a 12-hour trip.

The first problem was a little state known as West Virginia. This state forces you to traverse literal mountains the entire drive. While that might be fun for hikers, it’s actually terrifying when you’re hauling multiple tons of freight. Driving uphill is fun if you enjoy capping out at 50 mph in a 70 mph zone. I learned pretty quickly why truckers throw on their hazards all the time. Downhill driving is a different issue entirely. It’s like piloting a runaway train. Brakes just can’t handle that much momentum. Don’t even get me started on turning downhill…

If that wasn’t enough to wrack my nerves, our new landlord definitely did. We knew about halfway through the trip that we weren’t going to make it on time. With long trips like this, little errors add up. A 12-hour trip quickly grows as you make stops and encounter traffic. As a result, we projected that we’d miss office hours by about 30 minutes. Unfortunately, the office wasn’t willing to accommodate us, so we were forced to grab a hotel for the night. We stopped in South Carolina for a brief meal before passing out.

The next day we started our trip nice and early. We were down at the office by 9:30AM which gave us plenty of time to unload and return the U-Haul. Lucky for us, the closest U-Haul center was just under a mile away. I knew I missed being in a city. Everything is just so close.

The rest of the time we spent setting up the new apartment. We found out pretty quickly that we’re missing a lot of things that make an apartment a home, so we’re in the process of getting some furniture and whatnot. I came back home on Sunday as I have some obligations in Erie at the end of the month. I’ll be moving back to Atlanta for at least a year (barring any issues with work) on July 30th. After that, who knows where we’ll be next. We love to travel, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we did this all again a year from now.

Patreon Exploration

If you haven’t heard yet, I launched a Patreon account. I don’t have any supporters yet, but I figured it’s a nice start! My ultimate goal is to get enough support to go full-time and free up all the content on the site. That includes the store that doesn’t even really exist yet. I just want to be able to provide all my content for free.

If you know anyone who is interested in this sort of stuff and might want to help me out, send them to my Patreon page. I’d be grateful!

Marketing Efforts

I often make spur of the moment decisions that seem to play out great in the long run. For example, two years ago I bought a Fitbit on the same day that I thought it would be a good idea. I still use my Fitbit, so the logic is sound.

In the latest episode of impulse buys, I decided to get a bumper stickerOpens in a new tab. with The Renegade Coder logo. Actually, I bought 5. I just couldn’t justify spending like $9 on a single sticker. If all goes well, I may just start giving them away on Patreon. 🙂

Song of the Week

Last week I dropped The Wonder Years on you. This week, I’m sharing a side project of the lead singer of that band, Soupy. He created a little folk band that writes songs about a fictional character, Aaron West. I love this band because it really shows the grit of Soupy. He wants to challenge himself to the point of drawing emotion for a character that doesn’t even exist. That’s powerful. Also, Georgia.

This song comes off a record called We Don’t Have Each Other.

General Site Updates

Oh, ya know! The same old updates.

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Coming Soon to The Renegade Coder

I guess I don’t really have too many plans as of right now. I’m pretty busy just taking on life at the moment. Data structures lessons will continue coming, and I’ll always be developing more content for the store. Let’s see where this site goes for now.

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