The Byproduct of Being Busy: TEFL, Applications, And More

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Welcome back to another update by The Renegade Coder! As I open up the 28th week of the site, I’ve been pretty busy. The good news is I’m still working on several articles. The bad news is I don’t have any plans to share any time soon. Let’s talk about why!

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The Quality Focus

First and foremost, I am working on improving the quality of my work. Over the last year, I’ve spent a lot of time working at my craft, and I think I’m starting to hone in on my interests. Now, I want to dive deeper and delve into real quality content.

For you, that means my articles will now be more mature and articulate. However, that means you will likely see less content overall. That’s not a bad thing! It means you’ll start seeing the involvement of reputable sources in many of my discussions.

The Birth of a Business

Of course, I’m also very focused on my new tutoring business. That takes time which makes it difficult to constantly be sharing original content. Naturally, the pesky 8-5 job gets in the way too.

I wish marketing wasn’t such a big deal, but sadly I have to waste a lot of my time just attracting people to my business. Maybe some day word-of-mouth will allow me to cut back on my own marketing, but for now I’m stuck creating my own advertisements.

Busy Interests

I like to keep my life interesting by constantly learning and adapting. As a result, I always find myself obsessing over something new. At the moment, I’m pretty obsessed with learning about our political system and how to change it or make it better.

Of course, I also find myself doing a ton of other things outside of work. Last week, I wasted half a day thanks to another car breakdown. I’m also spending a lot of time on my TEFL course, and I’ve been focused on applying to colleges as well – only 3 more to go!


In the end, I’m enjoying this feeling of not being totally attached to the website. I’ve been looking for ways to really enjoy myself, so I’ve been going through a bit of an identity crisis lately. Some days I don’t feel like working at all, but this dreaded 8-5 system forces me to show face. That’s why I’ve got my own business, I guess!

Song of the Week

Lately, I haven’t really been listening to music. Instead, I’ve been face down in YouTube videos as I try to understand the various political systems in the world. I guess that gives me another good chance to promote some punk music. How about one of my all time (pun intended) favorites, Remembering Sunday (here’s the lyrics) ?

At one point in my life, I was trying to learn guitar. This is pretty much the only song I know.

Coming Soon to The Renegade Coder!

I don’t have any upcoming plans. As you can probably tell, things just happen. For now, I’m focused on tutoring. Maybe next week I’ll have something to share!

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Jeremy grew up in a small town where he enjoyed playing soccer and video games, practicing taekwondo, and trading Pokémon cards. Once out of the nest, he pursued a Bachelors in Computer Engineering with a minor in Game Design. After college, he spent about two years writing software for a major engineering company. Then, he earned a master's in Computer Science and Engineering. Today, he pursues a PhD in Engineering Education in order to ultimately land a teaching gig. In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his wife, playing Overwatch and Phantasy Star Online 2, practicing trombone, watching Penguins hockey, and traveling the world.

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