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Welcome back to another week of updates. If you’ve been keeping track, you know I haven’t posted anything. That’s probably because I’ve gotten frustrated with people in my hometown over social media. Of course, I won’t leave you without a little rant. Let’s dive in!

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Erie: The Home of Hate

Hello from December 2018! If you’ve been here before, you may be wondering where this story went. In an effort to clean up some of my old posts, I’ve begun to transition some of the content into standalone articles. If you’re interested in hearing about a pretty hateful event in the city of Erie, check out The Home of Hate.

In this article, I talk about a man who stood on an American flag in protest in the city of Erie. Of course, that’s not the most alarming part of the story. It’s how people reacted on social media.

Cleaning Up Social Media

If this entire event has done anything well, it’s made it very easy to pick out the bigots through social media. Normally, I wouldn’t just remove people because that creates an echo chamber. However, I felt it was necessary this time around. I’m really looking to cut ties with the a lot of the people up there since they don’t respond to sound reasoning or facts.

After this debacle, I went from 1,069 “friends” to 589 level-headed acquaintances. It was actually kind of fun. About halfway through the process, I considered just deleting my Facebook altogether, but I decided against it. After all, how else am I going to keep in touch with everyone I’ve met abroad?

The Weekend Struggle

To add insult to injury, I’m noticing that I don’t have many real life friends either. I can’t even get any of my friends to play video games over the weekends. In fact, this past weekend I thought maybe I would have a friend to play with, but they blew me off for someone else. Typical.

Moving forward, I guess I’m going to need to make some new friends! I don’t mean to be edgy, but I can’t seem to get anyone to even hold a Facebook chat. At this point, I only keep in contact with like three people. It’s getting ridiculous.

I guess it’s just another reason to move out of America. I got to find some place that actually values relationships. This workaholic culture is killing me.

Song of the Week

For now, let’s get to listening to some music! Again, the choice was easy. If you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift just released her new album, and I’ve been happily jamming to it. I’m not too worried about the hate I’ll get for this, so my song of the week is Call It What You Want:

I’ll bop Eminem, Taylor Swift, and The Wonder Years without shame.

Coming Soon to The Renegade Coder!

No plans this week. After all, it is Thanksgiving. I’ll be heading out to Disney for a few days before heading back to get some TEFL practicum hours. Next week I’ll be in a better position to post some new stuff!

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