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As I kick off this 34th week of The Renegade Coder, I want to revisit something I chatted quite a bit about last week. If you don’t recall, there was a human trafficking scare in Erie that sparked absolute mass hysteria. Just to put it into perspective, the original post got almost 24,000 shares in a city of almost 100,000 people. Could you imagine if a quarter of your city got this freaked out about anything? Let’s talk about it.

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Nothing But a Hoax

Hey, if you’re here looking for the Land of Mass Hysteria story, it has since been moved to a separate article called The Guide to Causing Mass Panic. Like many of the stories in these original updates, I’ve since moved them to their own blog posts. Feel free to browse them as you see fit, and thanks again for your interest!

As a bit of a summary, the article is about a few folks who claimed people who being abducted in Erie. Obviously, the story was untrue, but I decided to go on quite the rant about it. Since updates are public, I figured the content was more suited to a private audience, so I moved it to its own blog. We’re currently looking at a publish date of May 10th, 2019, so you may be waiting a bit before you can see the original article again. At any rate, now to the rest of the regular update!

For now, that’s all I want to talk about on that subject. Let’s move on to the site a bit.

As you may have noticed, the navigation links at the bottom of my series posts seem to have magically disappeared. I assumed it was a bug with the new theme update, but the navigation totally shows up on my new Python series. Over the next week, I plan to investigate a bit. Maybe I can figure out what’s going on there.

I think the issue is linked to the SiteOrigins plugin. I removed it from the latest data structures article and the navigation reappeared. However, if that’s the case, my introduction to Java series will need to be updated by hand.

Song of the Week

Finally, let’s check out the song of the week! This week I’m actually going to share a series of songs that made up 2017. Thanks YouTube:

As for the weekly link that you can use to support me, I’ll share Despacito.

Coming Soon to The Renegade Coder!

For once, I actually have some plans. Before the weekend, I plan on releasing an article about my proposal finally. Since the article is basically written already, I need to make sure I get all the pictures together. You can expect that article before the weekend.

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