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Welcome to week 50 of The Renegade Coder. Can you believe that? Not too long ago, I was just launching the site. Now, we’re 50 weeks in, and I’m talking about internal linking strategies.

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Internal Linking Strategy

Lately, SEO has been a major priority of mine. I decided to start tackling this issue because a few of my articles were starting to take off in my niche. That’s when I decided to really analyze these posts to determine why they were successful. Then, I took what I learned and started to apply it to other posts.

This past week, I decided to start spreading some of that success with a strong internal linking strategy. Now, if you check out my post on how to sum elements of two lists in Python, you’ll notice there are a few strategic links.

Of course, I’m not only applying this strategy to my successful posts. I’m also applying this strategy to all my posts. In fact, this Friday I’ll be releasing part two of my A String of Unfavorable Roles series. In that article, I’ve linked back to my fourth update because it holds some relevant information.

That said, I’m not just linking to link. That old article was pretty bad, so I cleaned it up a bit. Now not only does it have relevant information, but it’s also up to my standards in terms of content quality and internal linking. I plan to extend this strategy to all my old posts.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t just get sudden inspirations of genius. I actually have done a ton of research on the topic of SEO. In fact, this linking strategy was inspired by an old Neil Patel articleOpens in a new tab.. Check out #2 and #3 for the inspiration behind my current linking strategies.

Support The Renegade Coder

This is a little last-minute, but I wanted to mention that I updated my 6 Ways to Show Your Support article. If you recall, it used to contain tons of information about things I no longer support like Patreon and Amazon. For awhile, I was leaving that for historical purposes, but the recent influx of traffic made me think it was time to give it an update.

As a result, I have almost completely rewritten that article. It is now titled 5 Ways You Can Support The Renegade Coder, and I’m looking for a way to get it in front of my viewers. Hopefully, that article will start getting some love soon.

Added Value

This week I found a lot of value in walking.

If that sounds really lame, hear me out. I just quit my job, and that job was rather sedentary. In fact, every day I found myself doing some combination of standing and siting for at least eight hours. That is not good for anyone’s health.

Just after I quit, Atlanta started warming up. With the warm weather came opportunities to get some more activity going outside. That’s when Morgan and I started walking, and I’ve been feeling so much better.

So, the moral of the story is get on your feet.

Coming Soon to The Renegade Coder!

The first order of business is the next installment of the A String of Unfavorable Roles series. As a bit of a teaser, it’s titled The Sinister Start, and it’s about how I get into engineering as a career.

Of course, I also plan to make several releases of my Hello World in Every Language series. For now, I’m going to keep plugging away at functional languages.

Finally, I need to update my email address. Currently, it’s Clearly, I can’t keep that as my email, so I’ll be updating it slowly to something new. I haven’t decided what the new email will be, so stay tuned.

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