June 2018 Newsletter Featured Image

June 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the June 2018 Newsletter. Last month was quite productive, so let’s see a recap. June 2018 Digest In May, I published 18 articles (not including last month’s update): …

The Penultimate Weekly Update

The Penultimate Weekly Update

Welcome to the penultimate weekly update. Next week will be the last weekly update I ever do! Then, I’ll be moving to monthly updates.

A Quiet Week Featured Image

A Quiet Week

What do you do during a quiet week? For me, it’s a mix of Overwatch, writing, and watching Pittsburgh Penguins hockey.

Diving into Data Structures Featured Image

Diving into Data Structures

Looks like the store might be put on hold for a little while. I just received a request for a set of data structures lessons, so I plan to pivot in that direction for a little while.

Chapter Closing Season Featured Image

Chapter Closing Season

As the northern hemisphere transitions from spring into summer, chapter closing season kicks off. Whether you’re tossing your cap at graduation, shaving your beard at the conclusion of playoff hockey, or downing some brews at the end of a semester, take a moment to enjoy it.