Flux, GitHub, and Mexico

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It’s been a solid two months since I launched The Renegade Coder. Since then, the site has changed quite a bit. I now have multiple Java series going at the same time. I have marketing materials and official PDFs, and I’m finally kicking off the new store. It’ll still be awhile until I have my first product, but I’m on my way to growing a valuable asset. For now though, my life is in a state of flux.

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Private Repository

This past week I decided to go all in on the store. To start, I purchased a monthly subscription from GitHub to have unlimited private repositories. That way I can version control all of my products while hiding them from the public. I wouldn’t want to give away my solutions for free, ya know!

That said, all tutorial based materials will continue to remain open source. I value free education, so I don’t plan to remove any of those materials any time soon! I’m just trying to find a way to support this hobby.

The Flux of Life

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, my career trajectory has taken quite a few turns lately. Growing up, I think I always wanted to develop video games, but I never thought to actually pursue it. By college, I explored computer engineering without any knowledge of what that might entail. Eventually, I found myself working in embedded and other engineering related roles in the industry.

When I first got my job, the business was sort of crumbling. The industry was in a down cycle which forced a lot of union jobs to be displaced. As a result, I spent my senior year deflecting questions about my job status. Fortunately, I never lost that job, but the business projections were looking bleak. By the time I started, there was already one major layoff with plans for another. Eventually the business started resorting to travel bans and hiring freezes.

It wasn’t until this past week, however, that the company decided to start laying off salaried folks. That includes people in engineering and supply chain. Suddenly, I started to feel more at risk. As a result, I’ve been taking some actions to protect myself in the coming year. I won’t say what those actions are, but they will likely come clear at some point next year. Hopefully, I’m still supporting the site by then! 🙂

Song of the Week

When I’m not listening to anime music in Spanish, I’m bopping instrumentals. This type of music is just perfect for studying, and it helps create a little world of silence (go figure) for myself when I’m trying to write for this site.

I love Eddie’s style, so I figured I’d share it with all of you. The best part of this video is that it’s filmed on location of the anime. Get you’re tissues ready! 🙂

Site Updates


Latest Plugin Updates

  • Updated MailChimpOpens in a new tab. for WordPress to version 4.1.4
  • Updated Wordfence Security to version 6.3.11
  • Updated Media File Renamer to version 3.5.6
  • Updated Quiz And Survey Master to version 5.0.4

Coming Soon!

I have nothing new planned really. Just data structures, data structures, data structures. I’m heading out to Mexico this week, so you may not hear from me next Tuesday. If I find some time to post, I’ll put together a little something! 🙂

See y’all on Independence Day!

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Jeremy Grifski

Jeremy grew up in a small town where he enjoyed playing soccer and video games, practicing taekwondo, and trading Pokémon cards. Once out of the nest, he pursued a Bachelors in Computer Engineering with a minor in Game Design. After college, he spent about two years writing software for a major engineering company. Then, he earned a master's in Computer Science and Engineering. Today, he pursues a PhD in Engineering Education in order to ultimately land a teaching gig. In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his wife, playing Overwatch and Phantasy Star Online 2, practicing trombone, watching Penguins hockey, and traveling the world.

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