The Massive Image Overhaul: Adding Text Over Images

The Massive Image Overhaul Featured Image

As always, I’m looking for ways to improve the site. Sometimes that’s adding more content, and sometimes that’s cleaning up old stuff. This past week has been a mix of both, but I think I’m about to head into a period of clean up. In particular, I’ve been working with Morgan to update at least all of my Java tutorial lessons with new images. I’ve deemed it the massive image overhaul as there’s about 50 images I’d like to redo. That said, I won’t spill all my secrets yet! This is just a weekly update after all.

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Support System Award

This week I just want to give a shout out to my support system and partner in crime, Morgan. She’s been extremely helpful with figuring out some of the design aspects of the site from the front page to the featured images on every article. You’ll probably start to see her work a bit more as the sight continues. Especially over the next few weeks as we try jump into this massive image overhaul.

Featured Image Updates

As I described before, I’ve been going through and redoing all of the featured images for the Java Basics series. I sort of had an epiphany the other day when I was sharing some of my content. I realized that most blogs include some sort of text over their images, and I figured that would give a bit more context to my featured images. After all, most of you know how far out my featured images can be. I think the text helps at least attract readers to the topic. As a result, I’ve asked Morgan to support me in the efforts. So far she’s made the first featured images for me, and I’m pretty happy with them.

Traceability Needs

With all these images floating around, I’ve needed to put some of my source content into check. As a result, I’ve taken some time to clean up my local folders to separate out source content and edited images. The effort allows me to keep track of all the images on my site and quickly pull them up as needed. In addition, I can now sort of support a team effort with Morgan. We can have a shared folder which she can use to edit all of my images. Then I just dig up the images as needed!

Series Button Removal Squad

Alright, remember a couple weeks ago when I added all this fun new buttons to all of my Java posts? I’ve opted to get rid of those fresh new buttons for the purposes of using the built in navigation that comes with my series plugin. I believe I tried it in the past and didn’t like it, but now I appreciate the simplicity. I no longer need to link the buttons myself. I no longer need to change links and titles if articles change. It’s just too damn simple, and I like it.

Song of the Week

Lately, I’ve only really been listening to the Latin hits playlist on Spotify and various remix playlists on YouTube. As a result, I sort fell into a spiral of electro swing and kawaii mixes (probably shouldn’t admit that last part) on YouTube. At the moment, I’m addicted to this one mix called Cappuccino Time by nikoi0227. Take a listen!

I don’t know what it is about this kind of music, but it boosts my productivity through the roof. There’s something about this kind of music that just makes me bop my head and focus. 10/10. Would recommend.

General Site Updates

Not much going on this week besides an article and a few plugin updates. Otherwise, I’m still chugging away at the upcoming study guide. Also, there are quite a few aesthetic changes. Just take a look around the site and let me know how you like it.

Latest Articles

Latest Plugin Updates

  • Updated Yoast SEO to version 5.3.2
  • Updated Schema to version 1.6.7
  • Updated Page Builder by SiteOrigin to version 2.5.11
  • Updated Schema to version 1.6.8
  • Updated Wordfence Security to version 6.3.17
  • Updated Yoast SEO to versio 5.3.3

Coming Soon to The Renegade Coder!

As always, I’m working a lot of different projects at the same time. Just for simplicity, I’ll list everything in the works below:

  • A Core Code Concepts Study Guide
  • A series of articles to be released middle of next year
  • An image overhaul for the entire site

And all that is just for the site. I’m also doing quite a bit in my day-to-day life. After all, I’m still employed 40 hours a week, so it’s tough to keep up with the site sometimes. However, I’m also trying to work a few major life milestones over the next year or so, but we’ll see what happens. It’s almost like you can’t even plan a day ahead anymore!

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