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Welcome back to another update from The Renegade Coder. This week has been about as quiet as the past few. However, as you’ll see shortly, I am getting back into my blogging groove. In fact, the pipeline is loaded with great content, and I can’t wait to start sharing it.

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The Image Overhaul Continued

Before we get to the good stuff, I just wanted to remind y’all that images are still being updated throughout the site. Every weekend, Morgan and I have been going through and redoing the featured images to now include a standardized title. It’s supposed to help my branding a bit, but I also just like how the images stand out now. All articles should be updated by next week.

Song of the Week

Lately, I’ve been listening to some local music that isn’t even released yet, so I can’t really share it. Instead, I’ll just share one of my favorite songs off of the soundtrack to Kimi no Na wa. This video is from one of my favorite YouTube pianists, Theishter. Check em out!

I think Morgan is getting tired of me whistling this around the apartment…

General Updates

As usual, I keep the site updated with the latest plugins. Here’s this week’s list:

Latest Plugin Updates

  • Updated Page Builder by SiteOrigin to version 2.5.12
  • Updated Page Builder by SiteOrigin to version 2.5.12
  • Updated SitOrigin Widgets Bundle to version 1.9.10
  • Updated OneSignal Push Notifications to version 1.16.1
  • Updated Regenerate Thumbnails to version 2.3.0
  • Updated MailChimp for WordPress to version 4.1.9
  • Updated Quiz and Survey Master to version 5.0.7

Coming Soon to The Renegade Coder!

Thanks to the YouTuber, TheOdd1sOutOpens in a new tab., I have regained a ton of motivation to start working on the site again. As a result, I have already pushed about four blog posts into the pipeline.

Upcoming Blogs

One of the articles in the pipeline is about money management. I know it sounds a little off topic for me, but it actually applies to technology quite a bit. I use the post to talk about tools you can use to get in touch with your finances.

Another post is about old iPhones. Actually, it’s about my iPhone 5s (which I still use). I thought it would be fun to talk about how consumer electronics aren’t really built to last anymore. In this post, I plan to talk about things like battery life and software bugs.

In addition, I have a third post which is going to talk a bit about my Jeep. SPOILER ALERT: I just got rid of it yesterday. Now, I plan to write a little post about the struggles of owning an old beater.

Finally, I have an upcoming post in the pipeline about a project I never finished called the Passive Income Library. That should be a good one because I put about a year or so into it with no success. Hopefully, this post brings me down to Earth a bit. Get hyped!

The Future of Technical Writing

As you can probably tell, these posts aren’t all that technical. That’s because I’m straying from my typical technical content for the time being. Last summer, I worked way too hard on the data structures lessons, so I’m a bit burnt out. That said, I do have a few projects in that realm in the works as well. I just need to take a breather from the technical stuff for now.

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For a long time, I used to try to write a custom newsletter every week which eventually became every month. If you’re interested in browsing those old posts just to see how this site came to be, I’ve created a small series for you. Check it out!

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