A Quiet Week Featured Image

A Quiet Week

What do you do during a quiet week? For me, it’s a mix of Overwatch and writing.

Snap Back to Reality Featured Image

Snap Back to Reality

After some traveling, I’ve had to snap back to reality. This week I’m back at work until the end of March.

Grad School Visits Featured Image

Grad School Visits

Sorry for the short update this week. I’m traveling around on grad school visits. Stay tuned next week for a more complete update.

Letting Go Featured Image

Letting Go

In the spirit of minimalism, I’ve had to learn the art of letting go. With the latest iteration of simplification, I can finally say I’m starting to feel a lot happier.

The Art of Simplification Featured Image

The Art of Simplification

My minimalist lifestyle has made its way into the digital realm. Stop in to see how The Renegade Coder is mastering the art of simplification.

Steps to Minimalism Featured Image

Steps Toward Minimalism

Welcome to the 41st consecutive week of updates by yours truly. This week, I want to talk minimalism. After all, I’ve been removing a lot of physical things from my …

Making a Deal Featured Image

Making a Deal

Welcome to the 40th issue of The Renegade Coder update! This week was a rather big one for me. If you read my New Year update, then you know I …

How to Move on Featured Image

How to Move on

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And by get going, I mean move on. Sometimes the toughest choice is to leave.

Happy New Year Featured Image

Happy New Year

This new year, I’m bringing in a lot of changes. Stay tuned for more information.