AT&T Is a Disaster Featured Image

AT&T Is a Disaster

As if things couldn’t get worse, AT&T is continually screwing me. In this episode, AT&T decided not to even show up as scheduled.

The Slumlords of Atlanta Premium Featured Image

The Slumlords of Atlanta

When picking an apartment, we fell for the slumlords of Atlanta. Don’t make the same mistakes as us. Do your research if you plan to move to Atlanta.

The Finish Premium Featured Image

The Finish

At long last, allow me to finish this series with the full story behind why I left engineering, and where I plan to go from here.

The Penultimate Weekly Update

The Penultimate Weekly Update

Welcome to the penultimate weekly update. Next week will be the last weekly update I ever do! Then, I’ll be moving to monthly updates.

5 Downsides of Working Remote Featured Image

5 Downsides of Working Remote

For many, the dream is to work from home. What’s not to love? No annoying coworkers. No angry bosses. No commutes. Unfortunately, working remote is not all sunshine and rainbows.