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I don’t have much to talk about this week. I’m sort of just getting acclimated to the Atlanta life, so I’ve been trying to take care of things like registration and work identification. Apologies for the rushed updates this week. Oh yeah, but I did do one thing! I officially launched the Renegade Coder Store.

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The Renegade Coder Store Launch

Disclaimer: For historical purposes, I keep this article, but I no longer maintain a store. If you’d like to support the site, consider becoming a memberOpens in a new tab.

It finally happened! I launched the Renegade Coder Store. At long last, I was able to cross that check box off my World Domination Checklist. Oh, forgot to mention that too. I’ve decided to chronicle my life journey through a bucket list style checklist, so I guess I did do a couple of things on the site this past week. Regardless, check em both out and leave your comments below. I look forward to getting your feedback.

If you head over to my Patreon account, you can actually get yourself on a patron tier that offers monthly coupons to the PDFs in the Renegade Coder Store. If that sounds interesting to you, take a look. You’ll also get your name listed on my dedication page (coming soon!).

Song of the Week

This week I’m bringing it back to my all time favorite anime: Your Lie in April. Enjoy this little genderbent cover of Watashi no Uso.

General Site Updates

Some posts. Some plugin changes.

Latest Plugin Updates

  • Updated Jetpack by to version 5.2
  • Updated Jetpack by to version 5.2.1
  • Updated Akismet Anti-Spam to version 3.3.4
  • Updated All in One SEO Pack to version 2.3.15
  • Updated Black Studio TinyMCE Widget to version 2.4.1
  • Updated All in One SEO Pack to version
  • Updated Page Builder by SiteOrigin to version 2.5.10
  • Updated SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle to version 1.9.6
  • Updated All in One SEO Pack to version
  • Updated Black Studio TinyMCE Widget to version 2.4.2
  • Updated Schema to version 1.6.6
  • Updated Wordfence Security to version 6.3.16

Latest Articles

Coming Soon to the Renegade Coder

With some of the announcements this week, I’m looking to continue the momentum. However, I need some feedback before I continue. If you have any thoughts about the site as of late, feel free to share them below or directly via my email in the author bio. Thanks again!

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For a long time, I used to try to write a custom newsletter every week which eventually became every month. If you’re interested in browsing those old posts just to see how this site came to be, I’ve created a small series for you. Check it out!

Today, the regular newsletter is issued via email which you can access by becoming a member of The Renegade Coder. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the newsletterOpens in a new tab. directly through MailChimp.

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