Say Hello to Anders Rydholm Featured Image

Say Hello to Anders Rydholm

One of my longtime supporters, Anders Rydholm, has finally joined the subscriber spotlight! Check out what they had to say about their coding journey.

Internal Linking Strategy Featured Image

Internal Linking Strategy

After fifty consecutive weeks of updates, I’m still working on SEO. This week I’ve been focusing on internal linking, and it has been working wonders.

Website Housekeeping Featured Image

Website Housekeeping

Content creation is great, but it can’t go anywhere without a well maintained website. That’s why this week I decided to do some website housekeeping.

100 Days of Code Featured Image

100 Days of Code

There’s not much to chat about today other than marriage and 100 days of code. I’m looking forward to the monthly newsletters – only 4 more to go!

Gaining Traffic Featured Image

Gaining Traffic

I took some time last week to focus on gaining traffic, and it’s been paying massive dividends.

Marketing to Make Ends Meet Featured Image

Marketing to Make Ends Meet

I’m four months into The Renegade Coder, and I’m still looking for ways to connect to my audience. The topic this week is marketing.